Great Dane Potty Training

Is it time to start Great Dane potty training at your house?  Well then keep reading as you may find the following information rather useful!

Great Dane Potty TrainingThe following tips and advice will help you with your Great Dane potty training:

Be Patient

It’s important to be patient when Great Dane potty training.  As remember – your Great Dane will not know what to do straight away but overtime and with practice they will.  So be extremely patient and try not to get frustrated during the potty training process!

Start Early

It’s best to start Great Dane potty training as early as possible – ideally from the puppy stage.  As the sooner your Great Dane learns what to do, the fewer accidents you will have on your floors!

Designated Potty Spot

One of the first things you need to do is decide on a place where your Great Dane is to go potty (go to the toilet).  An ideal spot would be a corner of your yard.

Set a Schedule

The second thing to do is to decide on a schedule for when you take your Great Dane to go potty.  This schedule will help reduce the amount of accidents you will have on your nice tidy floors!  A great way to begin is by scheduling to take your Great Dane to potty after meal time and also once they wake up.

Choose a Potty Command

It’s a good idea to pick out a command or phrase to use when you wish your Great Dane to go potty.  A great command to use could be something simple like “potty”.  Every time you want your Great Dane to go potty, repeat this command.  Overtime, your Great Dane will learn to understand what this command means and they should go when they hear it.

Keep Alert

It’s vital to keep alert when Great Dane potty training.  This means keeping an eye out for any sign that your Great Dane may be about to go to the toilet.  One sign to look out for is your Great Dane turning around in circles.  A second sign could be your Great Dane sniffing the floor.  If you notice any of these signs then immediately take your Great Dane to their designated potty spot.


A great way to encourage your Great Dane throughout the toilet training process is by using rewards.  So, each time your Great Dane goes potty in their designated area correctly, reward them with a little treat or lots of cuddles and affection.

Expect Some Messes

When Great Dane potty training, you need to expect that there will be mistakes.  Therefore, if your Great Dane does have an accident try and stay calm.  Do not get angry or use physical punishment, as this will just scare your Great Dane.  Instead quietly clean up the mess making sure you remove any lingering odors so that your Great Dane doesn’t try to go in the same spot again.

Remember, your Great Dane will not become potty trained overnight but with time and patience they will.  So stay calm, don’t get frustrated and begin the process today!  The end result will be worth it!